About Us

We raise golden retrievers because of their loyalty, eagerness to please, intelligence, beauty and drive to work.  Our goldens are first and foremost our family members, our companions, and they live in our home with us. 

When I was young, I had a friend who had a purebred Golden Retriever and I never forgot that dog. She was beautiful, energetic yet gentle, loyal and smart. When it came time for my husband and I to choose a dog for our family, I knew what it was I wanted. We began with one girl who quickly stole our hearts and was a wonderful playmate to our children.  

I was blessed with a mentor who taught me more about the breed. I also have encountered many kind ladies and gentlemen along the way who have welcomed me into the Golden family to learn more about preserving our precious breed. We later decided to breed and begin our own lines of family raised, health certified goldens that could compete in both conformation and a variety of performance. A well rounded, healthy, beautiful Golden is the goal for the lines of LHA.

We have a passion for raising healthy, happy pups that have a great start in life surrounded by a family that loves them.  We work with them right away for early training and socialization to prepare them for their forever homes.

It’s important to us that our dbbnnogs produce quality, healthy dogs with sound temperaments; maintaining the intelligence of the breed that enables them to retrieve, hunt and serve. It’s equally important to us that we continue to improve our lines and pair dogs according to who would complement one another with the breed standard as our blueprint.  While we at times do pair our girls with our own boys, we also look for stud services that would help us work towards these goals.

Our goldens are inside dogs but love to be outdoors to play, run, swim and retrieve (and follow us wherever we go).  They love children and are trained for good manners. They look forward to hopping in the car to go for rides with us and are always eager to stop along the way when we’re out and about to visit with folks passing by.  I see the fruits of our labor in training every time they encounter something new, or something they haven’t experienced in a while, and pass through it with ease (like elevators and spending the night in hotels!).

We began raising Goldens in 2012 with an emphasis on the the streamlined field lines because we love their hunting and retrieving abilities.  Their intelligence is remarkable. 

Then later as I became interested in conformation, I began researching “English golden retriever” and soon realized that whether labeled American or English due to different styles within the golden breed, these dogs are all golden retrievers and all of them originate from the same lines out of Scotland around 150 years ago.  They have been deemed American or English/European as a way to differentiate between breeding styles and where these different qualities tend to be bred for, hence the development of their lines. I find it a matter of preference and I personally see the beauty in both.  I love the deep red pigment of coat, compact body type and sharp intellectual qualites of Autumn and I adore the larger head, light creamy coat and sweet temperament of Jax who has European lines.  We enjoy having champion conformation lines from Europe and field/hunting champion lines from America. Because we know our dogs best and the offspring they produce, we carefully select puppies for each family that fits their lifestyle and needs.

We believe that a busy dog that has a job to do is a happy dog! Autumn is an AKC titled senior hunter and also has her Working Dog Excellence Title. Jax earned his International Champion title, CGC and AKC Novice Trick Title. Hope is working on therapy classes and recently earned her first AKC Novice Trick Title. We are also working on conformation in the UKC and IABCA for our LHA Rise Like The Morning Sun “Alice” and LHA You’re In This With Me “Frederick”.

Our puppies make perfect companions with the intelligence for a variety of performance possibilities.  For more information on each one, click on the ‘Our Girls’ and ‘Our Boys’ links.